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Plumbing Services

We know that finding a reliable plumber isn't easy. So, here's a service you can rely on.

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Drain & Leakage

Damaged Drains and Leaking Pipes are no more going to be a matter of worry.

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Installation, Repair & Replace

We do what you can't i.e. Repair and Replacement of Plumbing and Drain fixtures.

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Water Supply Lines

Making sure that you enjoy an unstoppable water supply and finest supply lines.

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About Cosmo Plumbing

Cosmo Plumbing is a reliable Plumbing and Drain service, serving in the entire Toronto with comprehensive solutions to Plumbing and Drain. In addition to serving the residential sector, we are also serving the commercial sector.

Coverage Residential
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Coverage Commercial
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What 100% Real People say About Cosmo

" It has been a good experience overall. I had tried several ways to unclog the hard clogs of my kitchen drain but none really worked out. The Hydro Jetting from Cosmo Plumbing has relieved me from the worry of clogging every now and then. Thanks, Cosmo Plumbing. "

- Lily Morgan Scarbrough

" We had a mess at our home due to the back-water flow from the city sewer line. It was the second time it had happened and I can't explain what hectic situation it leaves you with. So, we decided to install a backwater valve and glad that we find this service to do that. "

- Cooper Garcia Toronto

" Thank you very much for the super exclusive service that you provided. We had a hard time with our old sewer line leaks. The problem is now resolved as the sewer lines have been relined without excavation. You've helped us save so we are indeed very grateful. "

- Ian Roth Richmond